Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Featured Exhibitor: For Goodness Socks




Who are you and what do you do?
For Goodness Socks was founded in 2016 by two ladies from the Twin Cites intent on creating a social action fashion brand. Our mission is simple: responsibly produce quality products that empower people to support social causes they believe in. We donate a portion of our profits to charities and organizations that work to create positive change in the world. All of our original artwork and designs starts as hand drawn illustrations that are digitized and then formatted into a circular sock knitting pattern. Our socks are knit at a small, family owned hosiery mill in Hickory, North Carolina with responsibly sourced materials.


What do your customers love most about your product(s)?
Our customers tend to pretty passionate about our sock line but on the whole, they seem to love that the majority of our designs are completely ridiculous; and 2. They feel a connection to the cause the sock is inspired by.



What do you love most about craft show vending?
Meeting our customers! We’ve found that not only are FGS customers passionate, they are a wisecracking lot. They most definitely get the joke. We have heard too many cat vomit stories to count.


What is your favorite item that you sell?
That’s a toughie. Can you really have a favorite child? But if we had to choose I think we’d pick “Poppysock” and “Blue”.



What do you think sets your designs apart from others?
We tend to think outside the box and our designs certainly reflect that. Because our designs are inspired by social causes we tend to incorporate a lot of symbolism or in some cases, set a scene within the sock.


What has been your favorite moment since creating your business?
Because we have impeccable timing we launched just as the pandemic was taking off. With limited in-person vendor opportunities during that first year the only venue we could find to sell our product(s) in person was a certain political party’s local headquarters. After the 2020 election, a customer approached us to share that she had bought a pair of our “Perfect Union” socks for her grandson because it was the first election he had voted in. That was pretty cool.



What are some inspirations for your work?
We definitely view the sock as our canvas. We are inspired by the social causes themselves but a premium is placed on creating something entirely unique. Sometimes entirely unique can be completely bizarre. Our dog’s bad behavior is pretty inspiring as well.



For Goodness Socks




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