OUR EXHIBITORS say it best!

FABULOUS! There was a great turn out and I sold 4 times more than I had anticipated! I have had people reach out that had purchased here wanting additional items. This is one of the best shows I've participated in. There was a good variety of crafts/arts so there was something for every buyer.

Lori Larson
Bittersweet Farm

Our sales were fabulous! We met so many people, engaged in really thoughtful conversations, and were able to introduce our products to a whole new group of people. This is the third show that we've participated in and it has always been very well attended, and the caliber of artists is always exceptional.

Jessica Zimmerley
Summer Lakes Beverage

The sales from this show from my booth were fabulous! I'd give it 10 out of 10! The quality of this event is very high. It's very organized, great clientele and wonderful people run/manage the show.

Allyson Sensenbaugh

Marketing on social media was better than I have seen from other shows. We were very pleased with the number of contacts & sales at this show. The management of the show and support staff was excellent. Well done!

Maria Jeanmaire
Soap & Sensibility

[The Gift & Art Expo] is an excellent show with high end vendors. Very good sales generated from the show.

Kathy Carton
Heavenly Treats

10 - Really great show. I was very pleased with the amount of people attended the event and were there to shop! [Show management] is easy to work with, on top of everything, and easy to get ahold of.

Sara Hynes
Sara Hynes Designs Inc.

[Number of leads] Excellent. We picked up several new retail accounts this year from the show, and sales were great. At this event, particularly, we talk to so many more people than our social media and in-store sampling events combined.

Wendi Winkler
Fast Mary's

Quality of the show was great! [The Gift & Art Expo] has a wide variety of high quality & unique vendors.

Joyce Willking
Wildlife Up Close

Great! This was our first event of this size, but it was 2x the sales volume we saw during the summer. There was a perfect balance of different types of vendors. [L&L Exhibition] went above and beyond to support the vendors during the show.

Billy Grady

[Show management is] wonderful to work with. Very accommodating! The ease of move in and trailer parking is unheard of at the convention center!

Travis Goerish
Ricki and Son's Custom Fabrication

This is always a great show! I do approximately 30 shows per year and this is always one of my favorites!

Scott Obernberger
Twice Baked Pottery

Fantastic - my best sales weekend I've had yet. I'm looking forward to doing the show again in the future!

Jessica Berglin
Flicker & Fizz

Sales exceeded expectations! Easy [move] in and out, well organized and friendly staff.

Jamie Tatreau
Sweet Mana

Great sales!! The promotional campaign and event management exceeds expectations.

Nikkolette Krumheuer
Nikkolette's Macarons

This show had some really good quality vendors. The same quality that I've seen at other events such as Loring, Powderhorn, Little Falls & Stone Arch, which are all well known events in the Minneapolis area. This expo exceeded my expectations in sales. Was most certainly my most successful show to date.

Carter Cripe
Carter Ray Cripe Art

Can't say enough about how well run the show was and how much Show Management went out of their way to make this a good experience for us! The best we've ever experienced!

Bernadette Demisay

The Gift & Art Expo was excellent! It was organized very well and it had an amazing variety of different vendors. My favorite show to have a booth at so far! Very good! The variety of food, services, products, etc. at this event makes this an event not like many others.

Sara Poff
Young Living Essential Oils

A+, "10." I got value for marketing efforts I couldn't do on my own! Priceless. This was my first show and I'm thrilled at my sales results. I was very impressed and proud that I was part of such a group of high quality artistry! I thought it was very well curated, in variety and in set-up. This is the show (being my first) that has set the standard by which I'll look at all other opportunities-- high and golden!

Chillon Leach
Chillon Leach Artist

[The promotional campaign was] excellent! I heard ads on the radio for quite some time leading up to the event and heard from friends and family as well that it was "plastered all over the place." We were very pleased to know the efforts L&L put into promoting the event and encouraging attendance. This was absolutely top notch! We had phenomenal sales! I would highly recommend this show to others.This is one we will not miss! Seriously, this was one of the best shows we have done all year... and we do over 40 shows a year!

Damon Holter
Croix Valley Foods

There was a good variety and quality items/art. I thought [management] was very good. Communication was great! It was really nice to have management walking around and asking how things were or if vendors needed anything. A top notch team!!

Kyle Haack
Haack Shack Designs