Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Featured Exhibitor: Rush City Rustic


Who are you and what do you do?   
My name is Gretchen Kapeller. I am the owner and principal artist of Rush City Rustic LLC. We are an independent small business residing in Rush City, Minnesota, that handcrafts Mosaic and Western Inspired wood art. 
Is this a full-time business for you? 
Yes. I am extremely fortunate to have the ability to run this business full time. My husband and I attend major art shows and festivals across the country promoting our business. It is very gratifying.
Have you always been passionate about art and design? 
From a very young age, I have always enjoyed creating art in various forms. Aesthetically, I am really drawn to the beautiful simplicity of wood materials. Raw textures, tones, and natural shapes provide a blank canvas to really transform a piece into something I'm proud of, and that I'm confident others will enjoy as well. 
What do your customers love most about your product(s)?
Our customers appreciate original artwork. Our promise from the beginning was to always remain 100% handcrafted. Each piece will always be originally inspired, bold, and unique. 

What is the latest thing you have been working on? 

We just launched a new collection called the "Windsor Collection." It is a series of mountain scenes with beautiful skyscapes. The collection includes smaller, more convertible pieces, perfect for shelves, countertops, and mantles.


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