Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Featured Exhibitor: Earth Wick & Fire


Who are you and what do you do? 
We are Ed Vidmar and Julie Beal, we hand- craft one of a kind stone Oil candles. Earth, Wick & Fire is a small, family-based business located in Minnesota. Our hand-crafted stone oil candles are made from natural slate that varies in beautiful mineral colors and textures.
What sets your designs apart from others?  
 Earth, Wick & Fire has created a maintenance-free, low-profile candle that you will enjoy for years, just add oil. Our fiberglass wicks do not burn away and each copper wick holder is hand-crafted. The reservoir holds 1 oz. of lamp oil and will burn for approximately 5 hours before putting itself out. The addition of essential oils to the reservoir will add a wonderful aroma to your space. Citronella oil may be used outdoors.
What are some inspirations for your work?  
During the creation of each candle the characteristics and design are controlled by the composition of the slate and the artist. With the use of a small rock hammer and the controlled pressure of the strike to the slate, the design simply starts with that first strike to see how it will fracture. The break inspires us to continue to move around the piece, in a fashion of interest and inspiration, allowing the slate to come alive. There are never two candles exactly alike.
What has been your favorite moment since creating your art/business?
Our favorite moments are when a customer comes back, expresses gratitude and love for their candle, and purchases more to share as gifts. It brings us so much joy creating our candles and we hope that you will enjoy your hand-crafted candle for years to come and share them with your family and friends as a unique gift that will hold memories.    
What is the latest thing you have been working on?
Our latest candle design is a 3-wick candle with a center accent piece in the shape of a heart. All our newest designs and creations will be available at the Gift & Art Expo 



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