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Featured Exhibitor: Love & Light Botanicals



Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Kacie Schady, the founder of Love and Light Botanicals. I create high performance natural skincare from start to finish. I want to maintain a real connection with our customers, so every detail is important. I don’t outsource anything and I’m the only employee. 

How did you get started in your art / business?  Why did you start working in this field?
I’ve always struggled with my own skincare journey and have cystic acne. As I got older my skin was more and more sensitive and I couldn’t use off the shelf products. I resorted to diy skincare and wanted something better, so I decided to study organic skincare chemistry and began working on our first formulas in a lab we built in our home. 
Is this a full-time business for you?
Not yet! I launched Love and Light in Nov. 2023, and am working in the business well over a full-time schedule now but I also have another job until the business is more established. 


What sets your designs apart from others?
Our products are produced in small batch, with organic and natural plant-derived ingredients using skin-science to formulate products that really work to target aging skin challenges. It’s very hard to find truly natural and high performance products focused on mature skin problems because mass-produced products require harsh synthetic preservative systems to sustain a shelf life of 3 or more years.  

What has been your favorite moment since creating your art/business?
When one of my customers connected after trying our products and said she’d bathe in the eye cream if she could. Sharing something that you’ve invested so much energy and love into creating can be intimidating, but through this journey I’ve met some amazing humans who have lifted me up and been so supportive. 

What do your customers love most about your product(s)?
Our most loyal customers resonate with our inclusive and positive mission to banish the term “anti-aging” and focus on true skin health, but it’s also about quality and effectiveness of the products. Our Habitual Hydrator daily moisturizer smells amazing and it’s already our most popular product! 

What is the latest thing you have been working on?
We’re constantly doing research on new formulas. Right now, I’m developing several new products, including a vegan retinol alternative and a balancing facial cleanser. 
Will you be featuring any special holiday items?
Yes! We’ll be offering a limited supply of our luxury skincare gift set as a mix and match offer of 4-5 products - and comes with a gorgeous customer vegan leather makeup bag.  

What will you be bringing to the Gift & Art Expo for attendees to purchase?
Our entire 3-step Positive Aging skincare line will be available for purchase at the event. 

Instagram & Facebook: @loveandlightbotanicals


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