Thursday, October 4, 2018

Featured Exhibitor: Urban Chemist


Wendi Winkler is the Urban Chemist, the creator of a special Bloody Mary drink enhancer, Fast Mary's. Her passion for inventing new things and her work as a chemist led Wendi on her mission to make a better tasting Bloody Mary. Her two formulas, Mild and Hot, can be mixed into plain tomato juice for a customized Bloody Mary to suit all tastes. Top it off with your favorite garnishes (we suggest cheese and pickles!) and Fast Mary's Bloody Mary Enhancer will be your go-to brunch favorite. 



Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Wendi Winkler, owner of Urban Chemist LLC and maker of Fast Mary’s Bloody Mary Enhancer. I am a chemist, by profession, but have always had a passion for making excellent Bloody Mary’s.

Will you be featuring any special holiday items?

We will be featuring a holiday gift box, which includes two 8 oz. bottles of Fast Mary’s Bloody Mary Enhancer (hot and mild) and a logo cocktail glass.


Why did you start working in this particular craft?

I bartended while I was in college and making Bloody Mary’s was one of the more time-consuming drinks to make. I needed a more efficient way to make multiple Bloody Mary’s, and that’s when I came up with Fast Mary’s. It contains all the seasonings we enjoy in a Bloody Mary and can simply be added to a tomato base to create the perfect Bloody Mary. After college, I worked in the corporate world, but was able to perfect the formulation for both Fast Mary’s hot and mild blends. I took the leap and started doing Fast Mary’s full-time in 2017.


What do your customers love most about your product?

People are drawn to Fast Mary's branding and packaging, and I think they’re initially surprised at how good the taste is in just plain tomato juice. Customers appreciate that they’re able to customize their Bloody Mary to their specific taste. Many people also use Fast Mary’s as a seasoning mix for meat/vegetable marinades, chili seasoning, and eggs. There are endless possibilities!!

What motivates you to create?

I believe I was destined to be an inventor. As a kid, I remember getting a microscope for a gift and was obsessed with it. Whether corporate-related inventions or Fast Mary’s Bloody Mary Enhancer, I’ve never stopped thinking of new things to create.



Check out more about Wendi's product online, and be sure to stop by her booth at the Minneapolis Gift & Art Expo, November 2-4, 2018 at the Minneapolis Convention Center! 

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