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Featured Exhibitor: Ellen Hanson-ZeVan



Ellen Hanson-ZeVan creates beautiful homey touches for your home with her hand-embroidered towels, table runners, table cloths, and much more!





Who are you and what do you do?


My name is Ellen Hanson-ZeVan, and I embroider and cross stitch table linens. My handmade items include table toppers and runners, table cloths, aprons, towels and other linen items. All my products are hand sewn and designed for home use and decoration. Each pieces is individually made and while there may be similarities in style and design, there are no two that are identical.



Is this a full-time business for you?


As with many other crafters, I started as a hobby as I worked full-time. I began participating in craft shows approximately 5 years ago at the encouragement of friends who had received my product as gifts. My first shows were very successful and my product received good reviews from those who bought from me. As craft shows continued, I experienced repeat business and satisfied customers referred me to others. At this point, I am not looking for this to become a full-time business - but being retired gives me more time towork on my craft and gives me additional product for shows.





Why this particular craft?


When I was very little, I had an aunt who was disabled and who did lovely embroidery. She was very special in my life and I loved spending time with her. She taught me to embroider - I think I actually picked up my first needle before I started school. I’m a creative person and as with others, I’ve pursued other arts over the years, but have always returned to embroidery as it fulfills my creative bent and evokes some wonderful memories.



First memory of making something?


My first memory of making something was when I was in grade school. I made the aunt who taught me to embroider a set of pillow cases for her bed. I bought the materials with my allowance, finished them without her knowing and gave them to her for her birthday. She actually cried when she opened the package. They were used by her for many years and she would always show them proudly to those who visited her. Her pride in my work and her encouragement gave me the confidence to make other handmade pieces for family and friends which have been given as gifts over the years.





Any special holiday items?


Holidays are a time when we invite family and friends into our homes. Our homes become festive and we are looking for pieces that will help us celebrate. And we are looking for those things that will be special gifts. I have concentrated on those holiday items that can provide for both home decoration as well as those things that might provide lovely gifts for family and friends.



Be sure to stop by Ellen's booth at the Minneapolis Gift & Art Expo, November 1-3, 2019 at the Minneapolis Convention Center!

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